Bible Study

Bible Study: The Book of Daniel
When was the last time you heard those stories from the book of Daniel; Sunday School, VBS, sitting in your mommy’s lap? You know the ones—the three men and the fiery furnace, the lion’s den, that strange hand that just appeared out of nowhere and started writing on the wall. Well, it’s time to dig deeper and mine the riches of this special book of the Bible. You’ll hear these stories again, sure, but understand them in their greater context. You’ll also learn about the Babylonian exile, the pre-incarnate Christ, apocalyptic literature, and so much more! In addition to your Bible, we will be utilizing a supplemental book as our study guide. Cost of this material is $10.

Days & times: Sundays at 9:00 AM, beginning April 15; Tuesdays at 10:45 AM, beginning April 17
Location: Sundays in church fellowship hall, Tuesdays in church overflow room